From my earliest memories feeding squirrels at the park, my fascination with animals took root. Over time, questions began to stir within me: What goes on in their minds? Do they experience emotions? How do they navigate their existence, thriving in landscapes and climates that would challenge even the hardiest among us?
Their abilities astonished me – from the hummingbird's lightning-quick wings fluttering up to 80 times per second to the octopus morphing instantly to match its surroundings. As time passed, my love for the natural world expanded and my travels began to focus more and more on nature. My desire to share what I was seeing resulted in my love of photography, and animals and nature would become my chosen canvas.
Whether I’m exploring a lush Amazon rain forest, sailing the high arctic ocean or birdwatching in my garden, I am transported to another world where I experience a profound and spiritual connection with nature. The earth and sky are us, and we are it. There is no separation. There is more to everything than what we see with our eyes. We must feel it with our heart. I seek to share that experience through my photography.
I am honored that my work has been awarded a gold medal by the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs, short listed for the Royal Ontario Museum’s “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition, and recognized by the National Geographic “Your Shot” editors.
​​​​​​​I hope you enjoy the images on these pages as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Meeting King penguins, at Salisbury Plains, South Georgia Island. Photo by Andrew Roman